this is the competition... this photo doesn't show the size or scale of the whole exhibition, but gives an insight into what to expect... lots of people, lots of great work, and lots of opportunities.

New Designers 2011

I am lucky to be one of the selected graduates to attend this event, I'm extremely excited.

the degree show!

This was my final outcome for the 2011 NTU Decorative Arts Degree Show, I am pleased with the layout, the balance of the work and it's strong identity.
Hockney inspired photo-collage of the the show, to give a peculiar air of depth and perspective.

my studio space...

getting organised...

final upholstered chair

final sampling upholstery for stool

upholstery....the initial stages

fold and secure the fabric with staples

foam seat pad, laid above the weaved support.

-the original support was slack and old, so I used hessian to weave a new support,
I secured it with industrial staples.

I'm working everyday and every night, and all just to tie up all the loose ends for my degree, I am so scared yet excited to finish.. but I don't wanna grow up!

It has been one massive and badly organised stress, but now I can safely say I have put up my degree show this week, these are a few pictures of the assembly stages...excuse my attire, it was an extremely hot day, and the atrium is like a greenhouse! ( and I had been up for 47 hours!!!) haha
it's gotta be level.
sorting out the lighting arrangement and wiring.

I was extremely fortunate for my Dad to come across to help me... he sorted out my electrics and gave me help creatively regarding the final aesthetics! and my gorgeous house mate and best friend (also a decorative arts student) went out of her way to do everything in her power to help me too! I am very lucky and I really appreciated their labors!

- I don't think I would have made it through the day with out the two of them! Everyone else was running round like headless chickens, I think we kept our cool pretty well. :D


my first attempt at a light shade...

hand printed wallpaper...the method.

You just wouldn't believe how many shades of slate I mixed till I finally got the one I needed!
Once the base colour was rolled evenly I needed to wait for it to dry before I over printed with my motif designs.
this is me, screen printing my wallpaper, that right there is my "lucky squeegee!"

It's that time of year...

Well its nearly June and nearly the end of my degree, I cannot believe how fast time is flying by. I'm working so hard and I am surrounded by talented young designer/makers...the pressure is starting to set in, as we have just a week left to put up our exhibitions and arrange our work for our final assessments.
I am not gonna lie, I am stressed and scared, but I'm equally excited at the prospect of graduating and the wonders that await.
I will upload photos of my progress, and keep you all posted about the degree show, but you will have to forgive me, the quality of the pictures aren't great! ( my camera is broken!)

come and visit us!

I am one of many students who is selling my wares in our very own pop up shop in the center of nottingham. It'[very exciting and all the work featured in there is of exquisit quality and completley unique.
If you are around Nottingham between now and the 6.6.11 please come and pay us a visit, you can purchase our products or just come to admire the fabulous range of crafts.

black with white or is it white with black~?

and she will be called Lauren.

a cheeky update...

I am so pleased I managed to get some of the women's "digital" range of t-shirts screen printed today.
I chose very muted colours, as monochrome suits the style of the motifs. I feel that these samples were successful, so now I can start to build up the range of the limited edition designs.
I have been working on the other two themes for the motifs, mechanical and medical, they are taking longer to develop than the digital design, but I put that down to practice and knowledge of the drawing subject.

I like to learn my subject, like a visual language, I practice drawing each component so many times that i can start to draw from memory accurately to form complex designs and surface patterns.
I am so excited to see what they all look like together, when they are all complete.

*photos to follow*
ok, so I might have got fed up with drawing peoples "stuff", now I have moved onto the idea of urban detritus.
People waste and dispose of so much stuff everyday, and it made me think, we take technology for granted, we don't realize the immediate effects its enhancement has on the world.
landfill sites and nature are being filled with waste, not only is this an eyesore, but a damage to the environment. We need to start thinking forward and produce new technology to limit this problem. e.g. the multi-phone charger concept.

I want to look at digital waste, thousands of usb and flash drives filled with information are lost, tangles of phone leads and computer cables create huge knotted masses and millions of mobile phone components break everyday.

My intention is to find beauty in these waste objects. re-invent them, give then new life as something decorative.

a silk scarf design...

Using a limited colour palette, create strong polka dot print onto silk
scarves, with a royal blue border, I think the detail and harsh lines of
the pattern will work well with the transparency of the material.
-Although coins are rather decorative in themselves,
I wanted to change the scale and use them as a polka dot.