I'm working everyday and every night, and all just to tie up all the loose ends for my degree, I am so scared yet excited to finish.. but I don't wanna grow up!

It has been one massive and badly organised stress, but now I can safely say I have put up my degree show this week, these are a few pictures of the assembly stages...excuse my attire, it was an extremely hot day, and the atrium is like a greenhouse! ( and I had been up for 47 hours!!!) haha
it's gotta be level.
sorting out the lighting arrangement and wiring.

I was extremely fortunate for my Dad to come across to help me... he sorted out my electrics and gave me help creatively regarding the final aesthetics! and my gorgeous house mate and best friend (also a decorative arts student) went out of her way to do everything in her power to help me too! I am very lucky and I really appreciated their labors!

- I don't think I would have made it through the day with out the two of them! Everyone else was running round like headless chickens, I think we kept our cool pretty well. :D

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