My name is Natalie Langley, I am an applied artist/designer.

first things first.. i have a "thing" and its something i like to call "attention to detail"-this makes me warm inside and if its particularly aesthetically pleasing i will shed a single tear of joy.

Other fabulous facts about me are....

i am a tea addict.
i love old school minis, I also own one and mine is called Mavis.
i'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty.
i love it when u laugh so hard it hurts.
i have a partial liking to biscuits. O.o
i hate lies.
i have to laugh when i say bye to someone on the phone :S
i hate my belly button.
i might just have a phobia of velvet.O.o
i like 27.
i think spontaneity is the way forward.
i tend to always dance like no-one's watchin.
i LOVE swings.
i forgive and forget eventually.( well most of the time)
i turn everything into an innuendo."IN YOUR ENDO!"
my laugh is ridiculous, and my "dirty laugh"is even more ridiculous.


This is my blog, I hope you enjoy looking at my work.



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