Year of Eccentricity.

Ok so 2011 wasn't the best year for me.. had a lot of "stuff" to contend with (don't we all), but it's a New Year now and i have an amazing future ahead... i mean... i have so much to be positive about:
  1. i have been blessed with a fabulous and stable relationship with an amazing guy.
  2. i have a supportive and extremely talented family, whom i love dearly.
  3. i have assessed all of my friendships and acquaintances and filtered out the negative influences
  4. i am sitting in the worlds comfiest position with a large cup of tea ( minus a packet of biscuits though)
  5. and i have finally stopped dwelling on what has been... and have successfully started focusing my mind on the things to come...
so yes.. one of my new habits will be to update my blog every day (if not every other day)with illustrations, thoughts, my motivations and inspirations.With hope that it helps me to get into a routine of designing something; no matter how big or small, every day.

Ultimately my intention is to make the important people in my life proud, and hope to finally quit my current erroneous retail job.... i want to feel the conviction in my heart and the passion running through my veins... something that only raw design will make me feel. So stay around, i hope you have a good look at the stuff i have done in the past... and i dare you to check up on what i get up to in the future... i promise there will be something in there for you.

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