I think I inked myself.

Well I had to do a self portrait didn't I?!

Hi Eddy, you're looking rather linear today...

*This is my attempt at free handing a face using the paint tool on Photoshop. I think it has gone well considering the lack of precision and control over the marks made, and the use of negative space allows the mind to fill in the gaps.

Like other portraits I think some parts of the picture are more successful than others, and I'd like to try this technique again, using different facial expressions and maybe including the hair to see if this way of markmaking is adaptable.
It is a really fast method and the result is quirky.
-but you just need to remember not to be too precious about the lines and don't "over" draw the subject, minimalism is key to this style.

"Hi I'm Russian are you Russian?'cus you look Russian"

Yeah well done with that.. no I am in fact...ENGLISH!!
Inspired by some mental people I met on the tram yesterday I decided to draw this little number..
I have overlaid two different drawings of the same image, then used a Russian letter and postal stamps to give the piece an air of mystery.....
who is this man?
where is he from?
where is he going?

"He's just another face..blurs into the crowd as if invisible"

The style drawing is freer than the previous faces I have shown you.
The imperfections and suggestive lines allow the brain to form its own judgement of who the character is and what he really looks like.

I shall call him Bob.

...and he will be known as Bob.

This was a quick and loose line drawing of "Bob" it's not perfect, but its fluid and confident.
I have used minimal colour but I think overall it's worked, I can see a lot of potential in this style of drawing.

I was inspired to use this style of drawing when I was at Revolution in Nottingham, it has some great artwork up on the wall as soon as you enter.

I took a sneaky picture so I'll be sure to get it up on here as soon as I can, anyway they just really appealed to me !!

The off white background gives this piece a slightly vintage edge too, which I LOVE by the way! hehe

p.s. edited using photoshop... my old reliable accomplice!

markets are where it's at.


Random, but I like it when you just walk past stuff that just instantly catches your eye. unfortunately my phone camera is a little bit pants quality.

oh its bright in here!

we're not in the sunny streets of California now.

OK so this was obviously inspired by Andy Warhol's
self portraits.
Its monochromatic style suits the harsh line drawing,
it''s so dark its almost spooky,
My ever so observant friends think "it looks like a crazy lady
wearing massive glasses, who if removed them would
blatantly have the "Medusa" effect!"

lovely to know my drawings have such a insane reaction!

just a thought!

I have recently become aware that being an art student automatically puts you in a box, which is ironic cus we spend our whole time trying to think, work, exist with out restraints.
Stereotypes are for a better word hilarious.

p.s. I can smell bacon

the green fairy

You know you want me, I know I want you.

The eye on the front of my bottle of absinthe
is staring at me...it is probably intentional,
but i have had to turn the bottle around
.. its distracting me from working!

Thankfully the thought of resorting to alcoholism
hasn't crossed my mind yet, its been a productive
day, then again.. we have just under 5 hours
left of sunlight, things could change!


Chatsworth or the 02 arena anyone?

Stockholm Syndrome Symphony

Ok so this was supposed to be Chris Wolstenholme,
the bassist for the band Muse, kinda resembles Beethoven
more than the bassist here though.

-this time I worked with a white gel pen on black paper.
I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so...

This is one (of many) of my face.
Hey, I'm too busy drawing everyone else's face,
with the little time in-between I'm allowed to cheat...
( adjust threshold on photoshop+insert colour then add noise)
what?! don't look at me like that.

na nanananana

afro afro!wuuut?!

scanned in all the doodles
-consider them photoshopped!
.........kinda like them with the 60s colour scheme

where's your head at?!

What you lookin' at?!

I drew a series of faces each with great expression.
-This would make for a nice print I think.

I wanna work with colour.

(1 of 12 doodles)
black gel pen + love for drawing faces= this
*My Textiles lecturer thinks it looks like
Paul McCartney if he had just sat on a pin.